Throughout his legendary career, Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. has not only succeeded, but has reinvented the industries in which he’s done business. As a professional sports owner of the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Penguins, DeBartolo won an unprecedented 5 Super Bowl Championships and 2 Stanley Cups. Concurrently, DeBartolo’s real estate firm, DeBartolo Realty Corporation, went public and merged with Simon Property Group, uniting two of the founding families of the regional mall business and creating the largest public real estate company in America. Today, through DeBartolo Holdings LLC, DeBartolo extends the family legacy across several platforms including real estate, sports and philanthropy.


DeBartolo Holdings, LLC continues the work ethic, innovative spirit and achievements of Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr., the legendary pioneer of the shopping mall concept in the 1950s. DeBartolo Holdings is the parent organization that carries on the DeBartolo family tradition to future generations. Founded in March 2002 by Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. DeBartolo Holdings manages and optimizes the diversified businesses and strategic investments of the DeBartolo family.

As he has so often in the past, Mr. DeBartolo Jr. continues to provide a hands-on level of passion and guidance that extends throughout the organization, creating a business culture that shares his unparalleled tradition of success with everyone involved. Since the company’s inception, our competitive advantage has been grounded in a people-intensive, value-added, family approach that has enabled us to deliver industry-leading returns.

Today, as it has been for more than 60 years, the DeBartolo name is a symbol of integrity and success. Business leaders from a wide array of industries respect the expertise and versatility DeBartolo represents when handling diverse interests that range from real estate to sports. Every company within the DeBartolo Holdings family exemplifies common values that demonstrate a shared commitment to building strong communities and partnerships by developing solutions that work and inspire.

The DeBartolo portfolio companies include:

DeBartolo Development
DeBartolo Sports and Events
DeBartolo Family Foundation
Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School
Famous Famiglia
D-Terra Solutions

A winning history. An unparalleled track record. A passion for success. It’s what you can expect from DeBartolo Holdings.

Built on a legacy of more than six decades, the DeBartolo name is recognized as an icon in the real estate and sports worlds. The Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation was founded in 1944 by legendary entrepreneur Edward J. DeBartolo Sr., who pioneered the first shopping mall concept and built some of the most well-known shopping landmarks in the country. Following in his father’s success, Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. has evolved the family tradition in real estate and is recognized as one of the most successful owners in the history of professional sports.


Since the 1950s, the DeBartolo name has been a hallmark of quality in communities across
the country. It started with Edward J DeBartolo Sr., the founder of the shopping mall concept,
and it continues today through the diversified work of Edward J. DeBartolo Jr., the son,
business partner and new face of the DeBartolo legacy.

In the days of Mr. DeBartolo Sr., the family’s business grew to become one of the most
successful businesses in the United States—at one point controlling over 2 billion-square-feet
of retail space across the country. During the 1960s and 1970s, the DeBartolo reach in
shopping mall development stretched from the Midwest, through the Northeast and southward
into large metropolitan cities in Florida and Louisiana.

Since that time, Mr. DeBartolo Jr., has taken the company into new territory—from sports franchise ownership to private equity investments — while continuing to drive its core business, real estate, to new heights.

In addition to the extremely successful shopping mall business, the DeBartolo family, under the leadership Mr. DeBartolo, Jr., purchased the San Francisco 49ers in 1978.  Regarded as the ultimate “players’ owner,” and affectionately referred to as “Mr. D.”, his 23-year ownership of the San Francisco 49ers led to 12 division titles, the first five-time Super Bowl champion franchise in NFL history and a reputation for being one of the most passionate, well-liked figures in the National Football League. It's that same commitment to passionate leadership and strong relationships that has led him to success in everything he touches.

Mr. DeBartolo Jr., also achieved the pinnacle of hockey greatness in the early 1990s, winning two Lord Stanley Cup Championships during the family’s tenure as owners of the Pittsburgh Penguins (1990–91 and 1991–92).

In 1994, and concurrently with Mr. DeBartolo Jr.’s successful run of Super Bowl championships, the real estate company, DeBartolo Realty Corporation, went public.  Two years later,  the Corporation merged with Simon Property Group to create Simon DeBartolo Group, Inc. (NYSE: SPG), uniting two of the founding families of the regional mall business and creating the largest public real estate company in North America with a total market capitalization of $7.5 billion. The DeBartolo/Simon portfolio included 111 regional shopping centers, 66 community shopping centers and six specialty retail centers in 32 states with combined sales of $16 billion. Today, Mr. DeBartolo Jr. maintains a significant ownership positions with Simon Property Group, the largest real estate company in the world.


DeBartolo Holdings manages and optimizes the diversified businesses and investments of the DeBartolo family.  In addition to strategic private equity investments in industries such as health care, the DeBartolo Holdings portfolio companies include, but are not limited to those listed below.

DeBartolo Development

Built on a legacy of more than six decades, the DeBartolo name is recognized as an icon in the real estate world. One of the largest private real estate investment and development companies in the country, DeBartolo Development invests in real estate assets of all sizes and scopes, specializing in opportunistic acquisitions and market-driven, ground-up development of multifamily, hospitality, retail and mixed-use projects throughout the United States. DeBartolo Development combines experience, sound research and market foresight with institutional partnerships and strong lender and broker relationships to meet the unique challenges of today’s real estate environment.

DeBartolo Sports and Events

DeBartolo Sports and Events (DSE) is an events and marketing company specializing in sports-based activation.  From social media consulting to event operations, DSE and its partners work closely with their team, league and corporate relationships to guide, consult and execute programs for mature brands as well as emerging ventures. Additionally, DSE has its own properties that are aimed at growing youth sport participation through elite training and developmental programs in all sports with a focus in football, tennis and golf.

DeBartolo Family Foundation

The DeBartolo Family Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation created by the members of the Edward J. DeBartolo Jr. family to benefit local communities. The Foundation annually awards scholarships to high school students, provides grants to individuals and organizations with exceptional requirements and presents the $25,000 Spirit of Humanity Award to organizations that provide extraordinary assistance to Tampa Bay residents with special needs. The Foundation also hosts an annual fundraising event, the All Star Charity Gala, to help support its programs.

Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School

Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School (BDCHS) is an “A” rated Hillsborough County (Tampa, FL) public charter high school of choice, designed to prepare students for postsecondary success in a small, safe learning environment.  BDCHS was founded by the DeBartolo Family and former Tampa Bay Buccaneers All Pro Derrick Brooks in 2007 on the belief that given the necessary resources and opportunities, every student has the potential to realize his or her dreams.  By providing young people a high quality, challenging education with rigorous and relevant curricula, BDCHS equips students to make valuable and productive contributions to their community.

Famous Famiglia

Famous Famiglia pizzeria was founded in the heart of New York City in August 1986 by four brothers. Today, the company operates owned and franchised locations across a diverse mix of venues including airports, venues which include leading airports and transportation hubs, malls and shopping centers, colleges and universities, theme parks, hotels and casinos, stadiums and arenas, military bases, medical centers, motorways and in-line urban downtown locations. The Famous Famiglia brand currently operates in the United States, Mexico, China, Japan and Ecuador.

D-Terra Solutions

D-Terra Solutions is a manufacturing supply chain services company with global reach and deep domain knowledge that spans industrial products planning, engineering, sourcing, production and international logistics. We facilitate and manage comprehensive outsourced solutions—from product design to finished goods delivery—that enable our customers to sharpen their focus on business innovation and market growth strategies.




The reach of DeBartolo Holdings extends across the United States and into the Hawaiian Islands. We maintain offices on both coasts, with our headquarters office located in Tampa, FL.


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